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Professor Senjie-Lin from University of Connecticut Visit SCSIO

    On July 17, 2014, Prof Senjie-Lin from the University of Connecticut visited the Key Laboratory of Tropical Marine Bio-resources and Ecology, CAS,at the invitation of Professor HUANG Liangmin.

  Prof Senjie-Lin has been engaged in the research of molecular ecology for many years. Method of PCNA was first applied to the research of cell cycle and growth rate of phytoplanktonin his lab, and he created method on Whole-cell of phytoplanktonimmune staining. The spliced leader RNA trans-splicing of dinoflagellate, was detected firstly, which laid the foundation for the real-time genome expression patterns of dinoflagellates research.

  The seminar was hosted by Prof. LIU Sheng. Prof. Lin delivered an excellent report at the seminar. More than 30 researchers and graduate students attended the seminar.

  The title of his report was the effects of glyphosate on phytoplankton growth”. It was reported that glyphosate herbicide could kill plants through inhibition the synthesis pathway of three kinds of amino acid (tryptophan, phenylalanine and tyrosine), and were used widely to weed in the farmland, which became an important source of DOP in the ocean.In this report he notedglyphosate couldbe used by some phytoplanktonsPlay a role in promoting or inhibiting the growth of them. He foundthat the gene encoded glyphosate lyase existed in phytoplankton. Andproposed to find the molecular mechanisms existed in bacteria through high-throughput sequencing.The audience had a heated discussion with Prof. Senjie-Lin in the end of the report.



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